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Light Hearts Gather
I am very proud to add a link to my daughter's website. She has wonderful words in sharing her journey. She has taught me much and I am proud to share her words. Please click on link above and read her words.

Richwood Winery

This Winery is right in our back yard in MN. (Well, not exactly in the backyard, but very close to us in the MN lake country.) It has great wine!! AND they do live music on a regular basis. Check out their website by clicking on link above.

RMF YouTube Channel

Check out videos of some of my most popular songs on YouTube!

Smiling Dog Landscapes

Smiling Dog Landscapes in Gold Canyon, AZ promotes healthy modalities of growth in the Sonoran Desert. Owner Tom McDonald and his crew, besides providing wonderful advice and all details on landscapeing, offer classes in their learning center as well as musical events. Please check out their website by clicking on the link above.