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6 November, 2021
After not performing in public for about 20 months I will finally be out and about again. Although in a limited fashion. During the last many months my wife and I have been very careful with life. Covid caused us to be with only a few folks, not go out to eat and instead go inward. I find peace there! Also a realization that happiness is found inside rather than searching for it on the outside. We are fully vaccinated and hope the best for all people in this wonderful world.

A new song for this Season

22 December, 2019
Once again it's Christmas, comes round every year.
When I was young, songs we sung, always brought me cheer.
We would sing about love and peace and the brotherhood of man.
And when we spoke, words of hope, we all stood hand in hand.

But this year seems quite different from what I used to hear.
Words are said by talking heads, fill my heart with fear.
And politician speeches, to me, sound off key.
Did the angels take the wise men and leave DC?

I think the angels took the wise men and left DC.
And folks they left behind will not agree
They call each other nasty names, always play the blaming game.
I think the angels took the wise men and left DC

Our leaders talk so nasty, to each other they're unkind,
And the names they place on the human race, simply blows my mind.
It seems they do not admit mistakes, and never apologize.
They smile at me from the TV screen while they keep on spouting lies.

The angels took the wise men and left DC.
And folks they left behind will not agree.
They call each other nasty names, always play the blaming game.
I think the angels took the wise men and left DC!

I wonder how we bring them back, perhaps it begins with me.
If I can start, within my heart, treating folks decently.
Then maybe one will join me, followed by two or three.
And we'll join hands with our fellow man to end this insanity.

I hope the angels bring the wise men back to DC!
And I believe it begins with you and me.
Stop using all the nasty names, stop playing all the blaming games.
I hope the angels bring the wise men back to DC!

And I believe it begins with you and me!

Music On CD Baby

23 November, 2017
You can now listen and download my music at CD Baby by click or copy n paste link below! Best of luck!! http://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/RMarkFogelson

Mr. Trump

20 January, 2017
I do not feel safer, Mr. Trump.


1 December, 2015
I remember, back in the spring of 2005, I took my brother, Jef, to the Flatiron and North peak of the Superstition Mountains. At the top we played a game of pinochle and made a pact that we'd climb up there every five years. A few days after that climb we parked in the desert and looked at the South peak of the Superstitions and discussed a way to the top! Maybe if we climbed up that wash and then on that ridge we could make it!! But plans change.

Cancer came into Jef's life later in 2005 and so we didn't hike to anymore mountain tops. We went on shorter hikes and drove his Jeep over as many desert trails as we could. Always amazed at the beauty of the desert. He was proclaimed cancer free on April 15, 2007 and a few days later, on April 23rd, we went on a hike into Fish Creek. Then we drove back up North to our cabin in Minnesota and he went on to his farm in North Dakota to prepare spings planting and care of his cattle.

But cancer returned, and after many medical trips, Jef died on July 9, 2007 at our cabin. I was able to complete our pact of going to the North peak in 2010, liked we planned, and spread some of his ashes there.

Just a few days ago, I was able to make the climb to the South peak. It is a little higher than the North peak; and is the most strenuous hike I've ever been on. I was thinking of my brother as I, and a group of Trail Blazers, made our way to the top. We ate a late lunch there, signed the book to show we made it and visited for a while. On the way down I, along with most the others, were very sore. Knees, ankles, feet, legs--everything it seemed--just ached. But my heart was soaring, still on the peak, as I am proud to say that Jef, my brother, finally made it to the top of the Superstitions Mountains.

Video-If Jesus Was Norwegian

12 December, 2013

Video-Triple A, Double D

1 August, 2012

MyStudio Videos

RMF YouTube Channel

1 July, 2012
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Dave, My Friend, Died

26 November, 2011


I'm sad today.

Yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., my friend Dave died. It was two days after a plane crashed into the Superstition Mountain where I have hiked. I still have other friends named Dave, but that doesn't seem to help.

This morning I woke up with a dream. Three years ago our old dog, Charcoal, decided it was time to die, so one morning, at the cabin, she just disappeared. Wise dog! In the dream, I was at the farm, 30 miles from the cabin, and I spied Charcoal walking in the woods. I went to her, picked her up and she said, "Well, it's taken a while, but I finally made it home". I'm wondring if death is like that? And so I turn to a book by Stephen Levine and quote him when he spoke of death he said, "It's like taking off a shoe that was too tight".

But I am still sad.

I look across the street at Dave's house and know I won't hear his voice again. We won't be able to give each other a hard time. We won't have more conversations about topics most men don't talk about. Dave and I could.

Yes, in my head, I know we all will die; but when a younger, loved friend does, it brings me sadness. Along with a wake up call. To wake up and appreciate the life I'm still lliving.

To be thankful for the family and friends I have.

To treat all people, even the folks with whom I disagree, with tolerance.

Dave would like that, I think.

Video-I Am Bear

14 November, 2011

MyStudio Videos

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