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 News and Notes

New Year Greetings

1 January, 2007

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanks for writing to me about last months contest. It was fun! Jill, Tom and Cynthia had CD's mailed to them.

I'm now reading a book called "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight". It's a mind hurting book, but great! Try it on!

Any of you songwriters in the Phoenix area, remember to come to the Songwriters Gathering at Encanto Park near the end of the month. (See my calendar for details.)

May your new year be full of joy and music!

Plant New Dreams Now Available On-Line!

26 October, 2005
You can now order your copy of Plant New Dreams on-line!

Plant New Dreams (front) Plant New Dreams (back)

... or, come check it out at the next performance! See the Calendar section for info on R. Mark's next gig.

AchieveRadio.com Interview

17 October, 2005
If you'd like to hear a live interview I did with HarryZona please go to AchieveRadio.com and click on "Show Archives" (left side) Then click on "Music" (middle of page) and then on HarryZona under music shows. Scroll down to TalkMusic #10 Oct 15, 2005. I am the 2nd performer so you may move timer to 32 minutes or listen to whole show. If this is confusing, don't feel alone and instead come hear me at a live performance!!

New Album: Plant New Dreams

30 September, 2005
Mark's new album is finished!

Plant New Dreams (front) Plant New Dreams (back)

Come check it out at the next performance or, watch this site for more info on how to get your own copy.

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