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R. Mark Fogelson and his guitar

24 July, 2023
Finally, once again!

Gosh, I have not written here since the fall of 2021. Am still sharing songs and stories in MN and AZ as Ranelle and still are "Sunbirds". Sounds better, to me, than snowbirds!! Limiting performances to places with "listening" audiences. I especially enjoy doing smaller house, cabin, farm or wherever concerts, so let me know if you are ever interested in doing a show at your place. If you plan one, I will come.
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7 June, 2024
Elbow Cabin Concerts

We open Elbow Cabin Concerts for 2024 with The International Treasures. They are Doyle Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz! They have been writing and sharing songs together for only 2-3 years, but they truly are treasures. So happy that they will grace our cabin. You will be thrilled!! Meet and greet them around 6:30 with their show at 7. Aft ... 
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