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Sona Rose

(for Bert and her adopted daughter Sona)


She came over mountains, she came over sea,
She flew in an air-o-plane, before she came to me.
And I can't believe the dream I see right before my eyes;
I look at her and smile, and laugh and softly cry.

She was born in a country where girls just often die,
It seems they want the boys to live, I just don't know quite why;
But I'm glad her mom had the courage to go and set her free,
So she could fly ‘cross the world and be all she can be.

They first called her Sona; and I'll keep that for her name.
It reminds me of bright sunshine, and will remind her from where she came.
And as a flower needs the sunshine, so it can fully grow.
I'll name her for her great grandma, I'll call her Sona Rose.

She has come to live with me even though I was not at her start.
We'll grow together now' we'll be tied close at the heart.
I want to share with her the love I have for the earth.
I hope she'll learn to fly, and see all of her worth.

She will spread her wings one day, she will fly away.
She is like a butterfly, I know that she can't stay.
But I'm glad she came to me, and lived with me a while.
I'll think of her and laugh, n cry, n always smile.

Her Mom....

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