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It's All Greek To Me

(title came from the 2nd coffeehouse in Griffies, Bemidji)


I read the blurb in the local paper ‘bout formin' a community choir.
So I walked on over to join with them and sing music that would be admired.
I sat down by an old friend of mine and we talked about many things,
Till the director she said "Let's finally get going, we got a lot of good songs to sing."

Well it was lots of fun to join with the choir and try to harmonize.
But some songs we sung I'd never heard before so I had to improvise.
Things were going along quite well when the director she stopped and said,
"Take out your bauldy Vavaldi music!" well it nearly blew my head.

Well I would've stuck it out and had a good time, if I could've sung the second verse.
‘Cause it was all in English n I knew what it meant, but she told me to sing the first.
And the words were all in Latin, they were, n I didn't know what they'd mean.
I could a been saying something beautiful or saying something that was quite obscene.

When General Patton said "Sing it in Latin" well ya know that's what it's gonna be.
Few will understand the words, but that's ok with me.
‘Cause they can hear the clear pure vowels, and the 4 part harmony,
When General Patton said "sing it in Latin" well ya know that's what it's gonna be

Well I used to sing some songs in Latin, back in my college days.
Gloria in Egg Shells Cease, baby—well I think that was a phrase.
Sanctus, Deo and all that jazz, we'd never sing off key,
But now when I hear Latin sung, it sounds all Greek to me.

When I was younger I sang the songs that others told me to.
But midlife's taught me to sing the songs that only I want to do.
I know I won't sing Latin now, you might say, it's past my time.
‘Cause I don't care if I'm a little off key and if sometimes the words don't make sense.

When General Patton.... Pax Mo Bis Cum, Ho Mi Ni Bus Gra Ti Us A Gi Mus Ti Bi.

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