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Pete and Sally

Download Pete and Sally [4.65 MB]

(true story Pete, 88 years young, really did have a girl friend)


There's a home I know that I go to, where people live in their wheel chairs.
I used to go there and sing them a song or two, but their mouths never showed that they cared.
Pete had a girlfriend named Sally. They'd wheel through the halls hand in hand.
The nurses would frown and they'd shake their head. They just could not understand.

That old folks have feelings for love. Old folks have feelings for pain.
And even though they act foolish and sometime look strange, old folks are not insane.

The nurses would come every evening, they'd take Sal away from Pet's room.
N as they'd lead her away they would always say, "You're too old to have Pete for your groom.
Well Pete would sit down on the bedside, the old worn out quilt then would frown.
A tear in his eye Pete would softly sigh, taking her away brings me down.

Pete would softly then talk some, He'd say, "I've dreamed everyday of my life.
I've always dreamed that someday I'd find someone, who I'd like to have as my wife.
So now that we've found each other, why can't they leave us alone?
We've found our love in our own hearts, it shouldn't matter even if we are old."

Cause old folk.....

Well Pete and Sally were dreamers, even though they never live husband and wife.
They never were told dreams have to end when you're old, so they dreamed every day of their life.
So dream your dreams in the morning, and dream your dreams at night.
You know, it don't really matter if your dreams come true, It's just important to dream all your life.

Cause old folks.....

And even when they get older and can't hear or see, old folks still can feel.

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