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How I Got To Where I'm Going

(This is about midlife. Rollie Johnson gave me the title.)


Woke up one morning, climbed outta bed
Fell in a hole way deeper than my head
Didn't know where I was couldn't see where I was going.

But I climbed out; I went off to work
I kept acting like an ordinary jerk
Didn't tell nobody ‘bout the hole that I climbed outta.

And I never stopped to think, I never stopped to feel
I never knew what was goin' on
And I never never knew what was real.

Later on when I was out for a stroll
There before me ‘peared my big black hole
So I walked on over, looked in n said this is confusing.

And as I looked into my big black hole
And everything seemed so outta control
It occurred to me that perhaps this was what I was looking for.

But I never dared step in, and I never dared to feel.
I never knew that my soul was alive
And I never never knew it was real.

Then one night when I was driving alone
The hole called me up on my car telephone.
I said I'd pull on over and we'd talk at the next stoplight.

The hole invited me on inside
And said for me to live I first had to die
I looked around n saw no one was watching so I stepped on in.
N I thought that I would be alone there.
But there were people all around.
A part of me thought I was born there.
A part of me was finally found.
Now I'll always stop n think, I'll always stop n feel.
I'll always know that my soul is alive
And I'll always always know it is real.

Finally I say my big black hole
Was the place that evolutionized my soul
N I hope that you fall in your hole at the end of this song.

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