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Christmas Decorations

(I don't remember leaving this song in with our Christmas decorations; but as my family unpacked the boxes, I'm glad that it found me.)


We take out the cardboard boxes, it's almost Christmas time;
N take out all the decorations, n wipe away the grime.
We spread them all throughout the house, or hang them on the tree;
Remembering each with smiles and sadness, the past we sometimes see.

Cross-shaped sticks with shiny glitter, made by hands so young.
Ornaments from long lost friends, songs were left unsung.
Strings of lights and garland greenery, quilted fabric bright,
Shapes of Santa, and Mary's Boy child, memories bring delight.

Christmas Decorations, we hang upon the tree,
Or place inside our living rooms so we will always see.
Christmas Decorations. What wonders do the hold?
‘Cause they unlock the memories that can't be bought or sold.

We are like the cardboard boxes when we open wide.
Most our lives the memories live, way down deep inside.
So open up your cardboard boxes, let the memories live.
Share your Christmas decorations, we each have much to give.


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