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Little Things

(I've had personal experience of all of these things!)


Well it's the little things in farming that won't go right,
That really get into your head.
Like when the filter won't come off of that combine block,
You know you should of stayed in bed.
Or when you're nailing a board onto the old barn wall,
And the hammer thinks your thumb is nail,
Well your thumb turns black and starts to talk back,
Makes you feel like you'll never prevail.

Or you come home late from working the soil
And there's a message on the phone.
Seems your cattle are running in your neighbors field
And they're trying to get into his home.
So ya run right out, jump in your pickup truck,
But the dadd-blammed thing won't start.
It seems like that's the way the whole day went,
It's the little things that tear you apart.

But farming is the life you choose, I say farming is the life that you choose,
You could do anything that you darn well please, but farming is the life you choose.

Or you're hauling grain to town in your old grain truck
And you hear a funny sound.
So ya slam on the brakes, pull to the side of the road,
And ya jump out and crawl down on the ground.
You're under the truck and then you realize
That it's missing one back wheel.
Then you put your hand on the hot exhaust pipe,
You can't really explain how ya feel.

But farming...

Or you're changin' a light bulb in your dairy barn
And the ladder starts to tip.
As it fall you grab onto anything that you can;
A black and white Holstein's hip.
But the cow kicks up a hoof and lifts up her tail,
And starts to do something right onto your clothes
So you know right then that when you drive into town,
No one will think you smell like a rose.

But farming...

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