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The Minnesota All School Reunion

Download The Minnesota All School Reunion [3.78 MB]

(I use the names of 77 towns from MN)


I'd like to share with you a tale, that started when I went out to get the mail,
N found a letter that was addressed to me.
It came from my home town high school, the place I used to always ridicule.
"Come to the All School Reunion" was its plea.

As I read the letter, names floated on by. Some made me smile, n some made me cry.
And the thought of going back, well it nearly struck me dumb.
But after thinkin' it over I decided to go. I could drive on over in my old Yugo.
So I R.S.V.P'd back, that I would come!

N I saw Adolph, Mabel, Boyd n Tracy, Saint's Peter n Paul who used to drive me crazy.
LeRoy, Russell n my old flame Emily.
I saw Myrtle, Kent, Byron n Bertha, Gary, Blaine n good old Alberta;
Herman, Florence, Tyler n Mallary.

The Welcome was given by Stephen Garfield, who tried to Embarrass Luverne Butterfield.
Then we made Good Thunder singing the school song in Harmony.
A Reading was given by Annandale, the food was blessed by Grey Eagle Ottertail,
N the Cook made some Rice, Black Duck, Orr Chicken Canby.

Then Hutchinson started up their band, we took off our Coates in the old Hartland,
Woodstock it wasn't, but we danced till we were Sleepy Eye (d).
Then Shelly decided to take Calaway, ‘cause he'd been sayin' "Wannamingo?" all the day.
So we Graceville(ly) agreed to shut down n say goodbye.

But I saw Arnold, Maynard, Hope N Stacy, Saint's Michael n James who still drive me crazy.
Carlos, Franklin and another old flame Lydia.
There was Bruno, Web, Gilbert n Alden;' Cyrus, Kenneth n good old Austin,
Elizabeth, Douglas, Darwin and Olivia.
I saw Brandon, Hugo, Warren and Victoria
I saw Morris, Wedell, Randolph and Isabella
I suppose I could go on ...

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