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Arizona All School Reunion

I use the names of 84 cities and counties from around Arizona to help tell the story.

Well it is a Goodyear to share with you a tale that started when I went out to get the mail;
And found a letter that was addressed to me.
It came from my hometown high school, the one I always used to ridicule,
Come to the All School Reunion was its plea.

As I read the letter names floated on by. Some made me smile N some made me cry,
And the thought of going back? Well it nearly struck me dumb!
But after thinking it over, I decided to go, I could drive on over in my old Yougo,
So I RSVP’d back that I would come.

N I saw Gilbert, Chandler, Drake n Dewey, Saints David n John’s who used to act screwy.
Cameron, Parker n my ol’ Darling Kim Gladden.
N I saw Curtiss, Webb, Goodwin n Olga
Duncan, Sheldon n good old Noah
Katherine, Guthrie, Tucker n Wayne Eden

We came from ‘round the Globe to our old high school,
RAY acted Superior while Greer tried to be cool,
In bright Sunshine we met from Sunrise to Sunset.
We Loved the school Anthem led by Rio Ricco
Honored the absent at Little Franks Tombstone
Then we Pressedscott to say a prayer or read a Page from a Blue sonnet.

We ate Mamouth slices of Strawberry Yavapai.
Drank Grasshoppers, Coconino and never asked Why.
Then Alpine and Stanwix Surprised us the way they could sing,
We danced the Continental to Flat Rock n Roll
Solomon made Three Points to try to save our souls
When we told him we’d all sleep on Cane Beds with Hookers Hot Springs.

But not before I saw Carmen, Randolph, Pearce n Ruby
Sans Carlos n Luis who still act screwy
Paulden, Taylor n another ol’ darling Elfrida
N I saw Kelvin, Troy, Florence n Benson
Kearney, Jerome n good old Nelson
Roosevelt, Hayden, Clifton n Salina

Isaw Vernon, Douglas, Warren n Miss Brenda
I saw Norton, Tyson, Wagoner n Patagonia

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