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Story of a fellow human being.

He walks across the desert in shoes that have no soles.

Thinking it‘s his penance for those he can’t console.

The ones he loves and misses more with each one of his steps,

Yet knowing it’s his only chance, to start his life’s new quest.

Full moon guides his footsteps across the rocky land.
Needing shade for daylight sleep, upon the now hot sand.
It’s like drawing to an inside straight in life’s game of 5-card draw.
He steps across an unseen line and breaks a man-made law.

Borders are a line made by man,
To separate, divide & place demands.
On each side we’re kept apart, forgetting that we have one heart,
Borders are a line made in the dark.

Sending loved ones what he can he works for low-wage pay.
Helping those across the line exist from day to day.
But inside straights are hard to fill & he draws a useless card.
As lawmen take him from his work and to a jailhouse yard.

Borders ...

From jail he’s sent back ‘cross the line and hangs his head in shame
Loved ones hug and hold him close to try to ease his pain.
He wonders how come they were born one side of the line
And why his quest for better life ends up to be a crime.

The family that we all are in, has no bearing on our skin,
We all are beings with the earth.
We all belong to human race; it makes no difference what our face,
We all belong to mother earth.


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