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Carry Concealed?

About a law passed in Arizona.

I live in the State of Arizona, where we can carry pistols on our belts.

But I heard the State Legislature is maybe gonna add something else.

They’re trying to make it legal, to carry our guns concealed.

I can pull one out N surprise my friends any ol’ place I feel.

N when I go down to the library and they say I have an overdue book,
I reach in my pocket n pull out my pistol; I’m pretty sure they’d change their look.
And when I play pool with some friends of mine, n they tell me how I should shoot;
I’d quietly reach down and find gun inside my cowboy boot.

Carry concealed? What a deal, N walk around anywhere.

Give me chance to put my pistol in my pants, or even in my underwear.

When parents disagree with the umpire’s call at a Little League baseball game;
They’d all pull of pistols, like the OK Corral, Little league will never be the same.
Classroom of teachers & students with guns hid under their clothes
There may end up to be lots of folks with tags tied ‘round their toes.

Carry concealed? ...

Can you see those guys in the beer halls, when they’re sitting down having a drink?
They’d most likely show their guns to you n shoot ‘em off to see what you think.
Pistol packing politicians, that’s what I’d really love to see.
I ‘spose the one, with the biggest gun, would make everybody agree.

Carry concealed? ...

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