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I Moved and I Didn't Know It

Track one from Plant New Dreams.
I was reading the mail just the other day, when I couldn’t believe my eyes.
One letter I read made me shake my head and I thought it was filled up with lies.
So I turned it upside down and read it again, just to make sure that it was true;
‘Cause the letter was kindly informing me, that I live on, an Avenue.

So I went out and walked ‘round the farmstead, to see exactly what had changed.
But the old white barn and the rest of the yard they pretty much looked the same.
So I decided to stand on top of my head, ‘cause I didn’t know what else to do.
I mean for 20 years I lived on a gravel road, but now I live on, an Avenue.

I moved, but I didn’t know it.
At least that’s what is said when I read the letter through.
I moved, but I didn’t know it.
My gravel road, it changed to an avenue.

But I s’pose the emergency vehicles can find me if I live or die.
And I won’t feel dumb dialing 911, ‘cause they know exactly where I reside.
So I told all my friends in the city, I told them of my new address.
They laughed and said it was just a joke, but deep inside, they were impressed.

I moved ...

Well maybe, I’m just getting older, a little bit more senile.
I get confused and have no clue, more than just once in a while.
As I get older change gets harder, ya I know I shouldn’t use that as a crutch.
‘Cause like John Gorka sang in a song, when the world ends, I will adjust.

I moved ...

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