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Plant New Dreams Plant New Dreams
Plant New Dreams is the second album from Folk musician from R. Mark Fogelson. Check out the sample tracks and then order your copy online.
I Moved and I Didn't Know It [Lyrics]

Plant New Dreams [MP3, Lyrics]

Poet's Day [Lyrics]

L. Gary's Love Song [Lyrics]

My Brown-Eyed Girl [MP3, Lyrics]

Sometimes It Seems [Lyrics]

It Don't Bother Me [Lyrics]

I Am [Lyrics]

Edward & Beverly [Lyrics]

B. S. Song [Lyrics]

It's OK to Die [Lyrics]

Big Wheeled, Silver, Chairs [Lyrics]

There Is Only One [Lyrics]

If Jesus Was Norwegian [MP3, Lyrics]

Hang On Dave [Lyrics]