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Big Wheeled, Silver, Chairs

Track twelve from Plant New Dreams was written after singing in a nursing home in Twin Valley, MN.
I sometimes wonder what it'll be like, when I get on in life.
Will I be able to dress myself, or eat with a fork and knife?
Will I be able to walk on down the halls of my nursing home?
Or will I ride in a Big-Wheeled, Silver Chair that I call my own?

When I look out at all the rows of big-wheeled, silver chairs;
I see lots of older bodies there with gray, white or missing hair.
Some faces smile back at me, some faces always frown.
Some hands clap out their own rhythm, while some eyes turn upside down.

Do you eat hot lunch or ride the bus, do you sight-see or rock-n-roll?
Will you glide across the sky with me, or will you riddle until your old?
Who know what this life will bring; I think I'm just along for the ride.
I go 'round n 'round and in and out like the moon pulling on the tide.

Now the chairs are holding what's left of those, who used to get up n dance n glide.
Now I realize what they're holding are still people down inside.
I know now that the inside world is what we should really share,
So they can go out dancing with leaving their big-wheeled chair.

What happens to the outside world, it's important to us all;
But what goes on in the inside, it's even better then shopping in the mall.
So when you see a person held back by a big-wheeled, silver chair;
Sit down and share the inside world and they'll know that you care.

Now it seems to me that we all have chairs that keep us under control;
They keep us from being all we can be, they keep us from being whole.

Well do you eat hot lunch ...?

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