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If Jesus Was Norwegian

Download If Jesus Was Norwegian [2.43 MB]

Track fourteen from Plant New Dreams. Being Norwegian myself, I ust vonderd!
Well, there'd be no December birthdays, 'cause you'd be frozen where you lie.
If Jesus was born in Norway, Christmas would be in July.
And walkin' on the water, it would be an easy trick;
'Cause all over Norway, the ice is really thick.

Ya, if Jesus was Norwegian, things would not be the same.
The apostles and Mother Mary would have different names.
We'd have Mother Lena, Ole, Lars and Swen.
And we'd all say "Uff-Dah" again, and again.

Well, if Jesus was a Norski, we'd all eat lutefisk,
We'd have lefse for communion and there'd be no Methodists.
And if you'd try to say Amen, we just wouldn't let ya,
'Cause at the end of every prayer, we'd say "ya sure, you betcha".

Ya, if Jesus ... ...

But Jesus wasn't Norwegian, no it could not be done.
God is real serious and Norski's have too much fun.
But the real deciding factor, when God looked around;
He scanned all of Norway, and 3 wise men were not found.

Ya, if Jesus .....

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