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Hang On Dave

Track fifteen from Plant New Dreams was written for most farmers I know, but especially Dave Kirsch
I still got my barley, I still got my wheat.
It's driving me to the nut house, you can meet me there in a week.
I know every kernel, I've given them all names,
This marketing experience, is driving me insane.

They call me Hang On Dave. They call me Hang On Dave.

I knew I needed some marketing advice, so I joined the marketing guys.
I thought they'd tell me when to sell my crops, I thought they'd make me wise.
They told me "sell the futures, buy call and puts," n I didn't quite understand,
Now the only one who's smiling, is my commodity broker man.

They call me ...

One day I met a genie, who gave me wishes two.
I asked for six dollar wheat, n he said he'd make it true.
But when I asked for six dollar wheat again he said, "Dave, that seems to ring bell!
Didn't I give you that last year?" N I said, "well, genie, you know me, I didn't sell."

They call me ...

So I decided to ask my wife, to sell my crops for me.
She'd do it without emotional attachment, and that would set me free.
And then we'd make all sorts of money, but I'd have lots of taxes to pay.
I think I'll just hold on to all my grain, until my dying day.

They call me ...

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