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Plant New Dreams

Download Plant New Dreams [3.12 MB]

Track two from Plant New Dreams. This is about the decision to stop farming.
My tractor driving days are done, the combine's in the shed.
The plow is greased and put away, one final time to bed.
'Cause come next year, when spring arrives, will bring the auctioneer,
Some family, farmers, neighbors, friends; but mostly will bring tears.

I farmed this land for 18 years, the best way that I know.
I tried to bring the land to grain, but now I must let go.
'Cause CRP pays more then wheat, the barley, corn or beans.
And now that my last plowin's done, it's time to plant new dreams.

And so I plant the dreams I feel,
Not knowing what my dreams may reveal.
But knowing that the planting of my dreams will heal;
'Cause the dreams that I dream are real.

Now I have planted seeds each year, in long, straight, narrow rows.
Some seeds emerge and spring to life, while others will not grow.
And so my dreams, are like the seeds; some live, while others die;
But what I've learned, these 18 years, it's by dreamin' I'll survive.

And so I plant ...

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