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Poet's Day

Track three from Plant New Dreams, for the Red Apple Café in Mahnomen, MN.
There's bacon n eggs, n burgers n fries n doughnuts without any holes.
N there's hot beef sandwiches n pie to eat, n don't forget about them rolls.
The customers will visit, n shake dice boxes, n sometimes eat the buffet.
Everyday's a "Poet's Day" at the Red Apple Café.

P.O.E, P.O.E.T., P.O.E.T.S.
That's the way we spell Poet's day, the Red Apple is the best.

Now the waitresses are all dressed in red and always look so fine.
N anybody who comes in off the street, well they'll treat ‘em to a good ol' time.
N when they clear off the table or bring out fresh coffee, it looks like they do a ballet.
Everyday's a "Poet's Day" at the Red Apple Café.

P. O ....

There's a man called "digger" with suspenders on his pants who digs holes in the ground.
N there's a driver of a bus who picks up the kids and hauls ‘em all into town.
Well there's lots of other folks, I can't name ‘em all, but they come in most every day.
‘Cause every day's a "Poet's Day" at the Red Apple Café.

P. O ...

Everybody knows everybody else; n if they don't, they will pretty soon.
N I know that you could make up many more verses, but it's time to end this silly tune.
Now I'm finally gonna tell you what "POETS" mean, it's the last thing I'm gonna say.
Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday; at the Red Apple Café.

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