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My Brown-Eyed Girl

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Track five from Plant New Dreams: think of an old time dance on a Saturday night in a small rural town.
As I walked through the door she danced 'cross the floor; the prettiest girl in our town.
And she smiled at me, but all I could see, were her beautiful big eyes of brown.
At the end of the song, it didn't take long, 'til she was surrounded by guys;
Each one asking "Please, won't you dance with me?" as she smiled with those big brown eyes.

Well I longed for a chance to have just one dance,
And I dreamed that we'd dance 'round the world.
I'd hold her hand as we stepped to our band,
'Cause I loved My Brown-Eyed Girl.

She was in full bloom, as she danced 'round the room, her cheeks colored red like a rose.
A fast dance or slow, she'd dance like a pro, n sometimes her brown eyes would close.
But once I did think that she gave me a wink, or maybe I dreamed it was true.
'Cause I thought that she was to busy for me, so I danced, not caring with who.

Well I longed ...

When the last dance was called, I looked 'cross the hall, n saw her surrounded by guys,
But she caught my eye, tears started to cry, as she smiled with her big brown eyes.
Then she walked towards me, ignoring their pleas, n all of the guys looked sad.
As she shook her head, turned gently and said, "The last dance, I saved for my Dad!"

"Ya, the last dance I saved for my Dad".

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