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I Am

Track eight from Plant New Dreams. This song sneaked in through a hole in the screen at the cabin one day as I was working on other songs.
I live in the Heavens, I live in the Earth.
I live in the water, it was me who gave you birth.
You ask me "How long will there be graves?"
I say, "As long as oceans wave."

And you can't know my name, no you can't know my name!

And I live in the forest, I live in the fields.
I live in the desert, I am what is real.
And you ask me "How long will spider weave?"
I say, "As long as trees leave".

And you can't ...

And I live in your artwork, I live in your songs.
I live in your stories, I am where I belong.
And you ask me "How long will there be dreams?"
I say, "As long as moons beam."

The questions that you ask of me can be answered with two words;
I am, I am, I am.

And I live in your body, I live in your soul.
I live in your heart and mind, with me; we are whole.
And you ask me, "How long will you breathe?"
I say, "As long as you are me."

And you can't ...

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